artist statement

My work combines images, conversations, feelings, memories into visual narratives simultaneously exploring ideas of the familiar and the mysterious. The subject of work focuses on dreamlike imagery no longer personal but more fundamental and universal. My work is experiential in nature, and a response to life's complexities.

Over the past ten years, my painting has involved reconnecting to childhood, being able to see the world with nothing but curiosity and wonder. The main inspiration for this is that at one point in my life I lost contact with childhood. The home where I grew up in rural Romania burned, destroying everything-- our clothes, our photos, my artwork, our books, toys, everything. As an artist, essentially reconstructing my life as if through the eyes of a child has made everything become fantastic, and gives me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others. Changing the way I look at things continues to be part of my process and is an ongoing theme in my art.

By surrending control of the surface and letting go of the narrative, the balance of incident and intention come into play. My images begin as unpredictable and unstable, almost random, but at a certain point, messages and emotions begin to surface, connections between past and present emerge. A new eye, a different light, a feeling, an image, a conversation can change everything. As I combine media in innovative and less conventional ways, I maintain a childlike perspective in building work that explore ideas of the familiar and the mysterious. Layered abstraction, arbitrary forms and intuitive marks inform discovery. The narrative is maturing to become immersive and generative of encounter.